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Gas stations

GCI supports you in your service station projects and brings you all its industrial expertise for continuous and reliable customer service.

Distributor devices
GCI manufactures, develops and markets a complete range of single and multi-product dispensing devices that will allow you to optimize the profitability of your stations.

Fuel distribution is one of GCI's core businesses, which is why we have developed a range of dispensing devices adapted to your needs and your budget. BOXTER, the GCI brand has been designed for intensive use and easy maintenance. Our dispensing devices will guarantee you continuous customer service and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

A range of vending machines for public service stations
As a specialist in the downstream petroleum trades, GCI also markets a range of dispensing devices suitable for public service stations in supermarkets. Their reliability has been proven and they perfectly integrate our management systems and our GCI APL3 payment machine.

Washing Management
Our automated system allows the management of gantry cranes, high pressure machines and vacuum cleaners of any brand. On a public station, it fits perfectly into your checkout system. LAFON innovates by offering new means of payment, such as SMS and new services such as reporting operating and maintenance data via the Internet for centralized management of several points of sale, without installing specific software on the workstations. clients. On a private station, all information from the easy Wash terminal is processed by easy Connect software.

Emptying Services

Station Management Systems