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Tank Truck, Petrol Distribution

We offer a full range of tankers and trailers built in all materials: steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Over 40 years of experience, thousands of trucks manufactured.

Distribution of fuels
- Aluminum, steel or stainless steel tanks
- Partitioning at the customer's choice
- Mechanical or electronic measured distribution

Site supply functions
- 1 or more distribution lines
- High flow gun, automatic stop gun or specific public works
- Lateral or rear distribution
- Possibility of management terminal
- On the strength of our experience in the military field, we produce vehicles suitable for mining and public works applications capable of ensuring their service under the most severe conditions.

– Appropriate marking and signage

In addition to tankers & tank trailers, GCI is also specific achievements such as:
- Site tanker trucks with lubrication station, pumping unit on trailer or trolley, tubing for tank,…
- Measured distribution, metrological or not, which can be carried out with mechanical or electronic metering equipment.