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Storage Tank

GCI acquired its boilermaking manufacture of storage tanks in 1987 and remains one of the leaders of the profession in France with actions which are extending more and more across borders. GCI aims to be resolutely innovative by constantly improving the quality of its storage tanks and by participating in the evolution of Standards (EN 12 285-1 and 2, NF 86 410…) as an active member of the SNCT (National Boilermaking Union piping). Specialized in tanks (single and double wall) for the storage of liquid hydrocarbons at atmospheric pressure, we also manufacture for related sectors: para-oil, chemistry, para-pharmacy, ...

Buried storage tanks
These storage tanks, manufactured according to the new European standards EN12 285-1, are among the best on the market. Our tanks, mainly used for the storage of fuels, are manufactured with a double wall between the 2 envelopes, monitoring is ensured by a liquid connected to a standardized leak detector (sound and visual alarm). Thanks to a two-component polyurethane coating applied hot our double wall tanks have exceptional resistance to attack in the ground.
In the majority of cases, they are installed with a quick-installation chassis ("chassis-speed") and equipped with lost lifting slings allowing them to be put into the pit without any operator descending.

Aerial storage tanks
Our overhead storage tanks meet European standards EN 12 285-2. Their external coating is particularly resistant: endroprene thickness 500µ (resistance 2500 volts), standard color yellow RAL1006 (can be modified to your optional RAL. These storage tanks, intended for fuel most of the time, must be positioned in a retention tray (which we can manufacture in painted reinforced steel). These storage tanks are delivered on extra large reinforced CRADLES corresponding to the new European standards.
Respectful of standards, the protection of people and the environment, our productions come from 2 factories equipped with the tools the most efficient. Our storage tanks are a guarantee of longevity for you. Their recognized quality earns us approval and the trust of major prime contractors (Large distribution groups, Industries, Oil companies, Transporters, ...)

Nomadic storage tanks
A range made up of 3 products that meet each need
The MINITANK is a small complete station on a rectangular tank with retention tank. This storage tank is reserved for limited volume and occasional uses.
It is a small complete station equipped with a horizontal cylindrical tank with European Standards with a volume of 1.5 to 15m3 in single or double envelope.
A true nomadic station ranging from 1.5 to 80m3, the ECOTANK is equipped with a distribution platform and rigid pipes.